Back in Sarasota

Wow. The trip back to Victoria for Christmas was great; a much needed reprieve from routine and a chance to reconnect with my family and old friends. I have a ton of photos to share with you. I’m not quite sure what the best way to go about that is at this juncture; my typical outlet (Gallery on Davin’s computer) isn’t available. Which reminds me, I guess I should say something on that: my blog will not be returning to in the near future. Davin is out of the blog hosting biz. Let’s just say it wasn’t bringing in very much 🙂
That’s not to say I’ll be staying here, but for the time being, feel free to update your bookmarks and blogrolls to point at this address,
I’ve been asked if Blogger can provide an RSS feed; I’m pretty sure it can but I don’t know how yet. I’ll look into that, but anyone know offhand?
Update, one minute later: Err… of course, all I had to do was look through the menus. If there’s anyone else out there in Blogger land who’d like to know what their feed URL is, select Settings->Site Feed. Your Site Feed URL will be displayed there. I guess technically it’s not an RSS feed but an Atom feed. The details on how Atom feeds and RSS feeds differ are not known to me right now. As I understand it they’re competing formats for basically the same information; my hope is that RSS readers out there will be able to interpret an Atom feed. In any case, here’s the URL to try:
I’m curious to know how it does in, say, NetNewswire (or whatever it’s called now), NewsFire and Safari 2’s RSS reader. Not having any of these programs on this machine I can’t test it out very easily.