In Columbus (again)

(From Toothpaste for Dinner)
So here I am in Ohio again! This time it’s just for a day, so I didn’t bring my camera with me. The trip is just too short — don’t think I’m going to get a chance to photograph anything.
So how ’bout them election results eh? To be honest, after I got home from watching Mr. and Mrs Smith at Cam and Melissa‘s place (short review: fun, close to no plot, doesn’t take itself seriously, tons of action, 7/10), I stayed up for another two hours reading about the election, so when I was driving to work this morning and flipped on the radio, I actually had a moment of shock when I didn’t hear anyone talking about the election. Oh yeah, I’m in the States. That’s not to say I haven’t heard about this election in the States so far. The Daily Show mentioned it (before the final results, even!). I saw it on a headline on page two or three of local Sarasota daily today, the Herald Tribune (not sure this is the same article I saw in the physical paper). And the special CNN feed for airport televisions had a brief, 10 second mention of the result, saying “Canada is taking a turn to the right, electing the Conservative party in a minority parliamentary government.” Suppose that’s better than nothing, but barely a head in the airport lobby moved when the news was announced.
Well, let me tell you. I am here in Columbus without a jacket. What a mistake! It’s 37°F (27 with windchill), which, in metric, translates to effing freezing. At least, compared to the 83°F I was experiencing two days ago in Sarasota. Geez. The front desk woman at the hotel commented on my jacketless state, and when I mentioned I was from Florida, she’s like “Oh, don’t rub it in!”. Then I said, “Don’t worry, I’m from Canada, I know what you’re going through.” Except, I don’t think it ever got this cold in Victoria. 🙂
That’s all for now! Going to dinner.


  1. What? No, you don’t understand — you see, no-one is actually FROM Florida… they just kind of end up there 🙂

  2. It was kind of cool, managed a post-election review by watching The National on CSPAN2 the other night. Also, during the election I caught a sequence of interviews with each leader – one after another. As for the cold … ahhh … I long for those temperatures, makes me feel alive.

  3. Yeah, I gotta say it was kinda cool (in the non-literal sense) seeing the snow fall again. Just wish I had a jacket! 🙂

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