9 hours; Ultimate reform; LCD problems

Well. I don’t think I told you yet — this summer I’m working 9-hour days and getting every second Friday off. The whole company is doing it, in fact. Neat! Until, that is, you actually work a 9-hour day. It’s looong. Even though I was routinely worked that before the policy went into effect, for some reason this feels longer.
Last Friday was one of those days off. I spent it getting the Altima’s oil changed and getting a haircut. The hairdresser cut it pretty short this time, which is just fine by me — it’s 33 celcius at lunch, at humidity levels that don’t drop below 60%.
Tomorrow night we play the final game of the Manatee County 2005 Spring League against our rivals Airborne. We’re undefeated this season, but if anyone could knock us out, it’s them, so it’s definitely going to be an exciting game. There’s also likely to be discussion of reforming the league so that the teams would be generated at random every season. Right now, the teams are “club based” — that is, it’s the same five teams playing each other over and over. Long-standing rivalries can be great fun, but they do nothing for new players, who are often intimidated by the type of play, which tends to focus on winning rather than Spirit and teaching. Ultimate is part of a small number of things that keep me sane, so I am very interested in preventing the Manatee league from stagnating. It’s in serious jeopardy of doing so right now. I’ve thought this for a while, and now one of the players in the league started a discussion about it. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.
In other news, the top half of my LCD flatpanel’s backlight took a week-long vacation. Guess it’s just about time to start looking for a new one.


  1. New display eh?
    I agree … we need a better facility for getting new players into the Ultimate league, maybe we take the ‘club teams’ to the full Bay area? More people, more teams, longer seasons? Then leave the Manatee league as a switch ’em up league … that would be fun as I would love to play with some of those other guys – but then again, that is why I like Sundays!

  2. Second that about the new LCD, Asterizk…you need to get yerself a G5 too =)

  3. Niiiiiiice. Friday is a good day to be off from work. What exactly is your line of work though???

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