And the clouds rolled in

That was the scene on Saturday, about five minutes after I finished up with the headlights. Dark clouds rolled in over the blue sky. It threatened, but did not rain.
Tonight I looked at bikes. As in, pedal power. I rode a few around inside Target (That’s Tar-get. Not Tar-jhay. Pretty simple). I zipped around a few aisles, even did a small catwalk, and no-one did so much as give me a funny look. Gotta love big department stores. Now I’m really wanting a bike again, but I should probably do some looking around. My only problem with a bike down here is that I can’t seem to find a model with A/C…


  1. Well … there are trails … just mostly paved šŸ™‚ Well, guess that is not really fair … but they are essentially flat.
    Once you get a bike … we can “hit the road” for a short trek to work. Or maybe head out to Myakka … but once the heat retreats a little … it is HOT out there šŸ™‚

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