Awesome Thursday

A palm just outside my front door, as viewed from the second floor
Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome Thurday! Worked late last night, until 7pm, actually, got home, and chatted the night away with Jim and Ben. Ate dinner around 11:30pm, in bed by 2:30, up at 7:40. A solid 5 hours sleep! Ugh. I really need to find a way to convince myself of my bedtime — midnight. Perhaps I should take up evening runs again, now that it’s getting a little cooler?
How do you get to sleep on time?

3 thoughts on “Awesome Thursday”

  1. Have at least 2 beers before you go to bed will work! Trust me! 😉
    Oh I don’t know if you can get Sleeman’s out there, but that is what i would get.

  2. Hmm. I better go to bed before 10 minutes is up, because otherwise I’ll be going to bed later than you 😉

  3. get up early. by night you’ll be tired enuf to go to sleep at a reasonable hour -like before 1am. now you just have to find a reason to get up early! running is good… less spooky than running at night.
    reading helps too!
    nighty night! (well it’s acutally 4pm here but anyway)

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