Heckticus Maximus

Hello, faithful reader! Just about to head off to the garage to get that boot changed. Life’s been pretty hectic what with HPSN just around the corner. D’oh!! Just got called into work.
Update, 11:43am: Well, work turned out to be nothing major; just a minor tweak and all was well. I’ve got a brand new front-right CV joint! Total: $213 with tax. Things don’t feel/sound much different, although the steering is tighter, and, for reasons I don’t understand, changing gears feels cleaner (basically, the car just doesn’t lurch as much as it used to, especially between 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd). Weird. But cool.
Anyhow, it’s lunchtime (hooray!). I love being up early on Saturday.

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  1. He doesn’t have to worry about too much stop and go traffic here, so a manual can be quite fun.

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