Compiler fun

Officer Dudley
I suspect this guy isn’t liked much
Yet another good day at work yesterday. Got everything compiling, linking and running the way I’d like it to in Project Builder 1.1. You can check everything out of CVS and double-click on a build script and you’re done! That’s huge!
Next thing on my plate? Getting all the ObjC stuff to build and link under Project Builder 2/Jaguar. I’ve got a “due date” of tomorrow to get it going. I have no idea how long it will take — the compile errors I’ve seen since I started yesterday afternoon are completely esoteric: “tocoff in load command 7 extends past the end of the file”. Say what? This guy had a similar problem, but none of the responses to his message related to “tocoff” in particular. This page explains it relates in some way to a table of contents? Looks like something isn’t getting done properly.
Hooray, figured that one out too. It seems that PB has a problem with frameworks being referenced more than once. All I did was remove the framework from the project and left it in the search path, and voila! No more error. Yay.