Watch them all fall down

get on aol now!
I think there’s an inverse relationship between how many of these things I receive and how much money AOL’s making.
Watched the Canucks play Phoenix last night down at the Paddywagon. The game started off great — the Canucks were dominating, up 3-1 at the beginning of the 3rd. That’s when I announced that “I’d feel safer if it is 4-1” and jinxed the game. Phoenix came back to tie the game, and that’s how it ended. A different TV had the Colorado-LA game on, which we anxiously wanted LA to win (in order to prevent Colorado from advancing beyond the Canucks in the battle for playoff positions). We left before the game ended, but I just checked the recap and it looks like LA won! So it looks like Vancouver managed to retain its lead over Colorado. Yeah!
Anyway, I’m off to play a little Ultimate — and stretch this time too. 🙂