So Cam and I are now officially on the “confirmed” list, whew, that’s a load off my shoulders.
Here’s a high level overview of what the drive tomorrow (er, technically, this) evening and the morning after will look like:

I’m thinking we’ll be splitting the trip into two segments and staying the night in Jacksonville. Still have to find a place, but Jax is a big enough city… shouldn’t be too hard.
Got my hair chopped today, woohoo 🙂 It’s a good thing too, because the forecast calls for 95 and 93 degrees on Sat and Sun respectively. Ack!!


  1. Savannah – ho!

    So … seems like things have all been confirmed and we are headed to Savannah. I am excited, this will be the biggest Ultimate shindig I have been too yet. The trip will take us through Daytona Beach and…

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