*Evil cackle*

3:10 PM 9/10/2007
Krishen Greenwell: haha, phil from ultimate just commented on my blog
Krishen Greenwell: //krishengreenwell.com/blog/2007/09/a_few_pics_from_last_weeks_pic_1.html
Krishen Greenwell: the video i posted contains the wipeout in question
Cameron Bahan: man
Cameron Bahan: think I am going to have to get out running again soon
Cameron Bahan: miss it watching the videos and pictures
Krishen Greenwell: heheheh
Cameron Bahan: yea
Krishen Greenwell: it’s all part of my plan
Cameron Bahan: ah ha ha haaaa
Krishen Greenwell: 🙂






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  1. krishen Avatar

    testing… Written on my new iPod touch 🙂

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