Fahrenheit 9/11

Watched Fahrenheit 9/11 today. I think everyone should see this movie. As has been suggested elsewhere, it is not kind to George W, but I think it does a good job of telling a side of the story that simply has not been told — that the emperor is wearing no clothes.. and this movie is the little kid who screams it out. Moore plays a much more diminished role in this film than he did in Bowling, instead using video clips — such as a tape from the elementary school where George W. was reading to kids in Florida at the time the second plane hit on Sept 11 — to tell the story. It’s a stunning piece of video, and I’m amazed that it had not been aired until this point.
The film is getting good press from unlikely sources, too. Check out this writeup on Fox News.
A few pics from the event — this was the lineup to get tickets when we arrived (thankfully we had bought ours the night before and walked right in):

The movie was playing on both of the main screens inside Burns Court, alongside SuperSize Me.

After we got out, tons of people were waiting in line for the 3pm showing:

Turning 180-degrees:

While we were leaving, one lady was handing out flyers for a houseparty where people will be watching Moore speak (7pm EST tomorrow night via streaming video at moveon.org). I won’t be attending, but I will probably be watching from home.
Speaking of home viewing.. I checked the mail today, and what did I find?

Oh, nothing but Buffy seasons 1, 2, 3, and 5 🙂 Since the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver today, that means it must have come in on Saturday. I placed my order late Tuesday night meaning… it took four days to get to my house. Not bad for free shipping! Gonna settle down with an episode or two of Season One after Ultimate methinks. 😀





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  1. BahanClan Avatar

    Three days for the price of one

    Sunday Fahrenheit 9/11 was sold out last night … so we, being Krishen, Melissa and I, caught the 12:30 matinee today. Mr. Moore once again used the power of human emotion to convey his political agenda. It is interesting some…

  2. Sean Holman Avatar

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but the main problem I have with Michael Moore is that he lies to support his arguments. I don’t necessarily disagree with his point of view. But I don’t think people should be manipulated into agreeing with him through the use of crappy research and deception. It’s as bad as the other side.