Saw this on the Rave Vic general forum while looking for information about Monday night’s fire. Oh man…. Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing. Rated PG-13 for language. Click!


  1. “We haven’t been able to get into the building to see what’s going on,” said fire prevention officer Steve Meikle. “We’re going to have to get somebody in there to assess [the safety of the structure] before we put anybody in danger in the building.”
    Geez guy, now THAT’s bright…
    “Let’s send someone in there to see if it’s safe for the rest of us!”
    I guess the guy they send won’t exactly be worthy of life anyway

  2. Then again I guess they return people who are in danger to their proper places. I don’t know what they do with them in the meantime.
    Hah. I could pick apart this quote all day.

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