GoldenEye: sucks

Okay, I’m not sure what they were thinking when they made it, but the James Bond film GoldenEye, which I watched last night, sucks. It’s basically a bunch of action sequences strung together with a meandering, “is it over yet?” plot. Plus, even in 1995, 14.4 modems were old. If you’re going to have high tech in your movie fine, just don’t get into the specifics. As far as the Bond series goes, Tomorrow Never Dies (which I watched last weekend) was much, much better.


  1. My favorite Bond is Tomorrow Never Dies, however, I enjoyed GoldenEye – though I will say it was packed full of action sequences.
    The idea you have to remember, yes, 14.4 modems were old in ’95 … however, that was in the “western world”. The average citizen in Russia not so lucky. And honestly, in ’95 I only had a 28.8 (through ’97 actually) … and 14.4 was still pretty common.
    It is far better than the later Bonds that have very little story, poorly written, and over used, one-line humor … and not just far-fetched action sequences – down right stupid ones. Then the last one, Die another Day, had an interesting plot but was killed on the one-liners and impossible action sequences … started off good and quickly went WAY over the cliff.

  2. I gotta agree with Cam in Russia in 95 I imagine any computer would have been killer. Besides that I think Goldeneye had one of the best chase scenes of any of the bonds…the tank was great even with the excessive cheese. Not very much in the way of the car either.

  3. The tank chase was good, I will admit freely. Though in the scene where the tank busted through the wall of the building, they reused the same take from a different camera to extend the action, which is kind of tacky for a big budget film. About the 14.4s: I guess my point is, “don’t date yourself if you don’t have to”. Just say it has a modem. If by giving the exact numbers you’re trying to appeal to the tech crowd, then at least get it right… their depiction of email is instant messaging.
    That said, I think I’m going to have to go back and watch it again. What I didn’t say is that I watched it over two sittings, and that might have ruined the continuity.

  4. notice how I kept the grammar proper both with and without brackets *flex*

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