Going camping

So next week’s trip to San Antonio was cancelled due to higher priorities requiring me here. Which is just fine with me, actually — now I can go camping. Smores here I come 🙂
By the way, if you happen to be in Philly next week, this looks like it would be fun: PHILADELPHIA LAPTOP BATTLE 3! The evolution of the DJ battle. Nice.


    I intended to go to the one in Vancouver this past summer, July I think, but missed it. I heard it was great…

  2. CAMPING!!!!!!!
    You’re lucky. I want to go camping. Soooo bad…maybe I’ll organize something over here, I have no excuses really. Hmm. Well, it is cold. Maybe I’ll wait until better weather, but there are lotsa spots on the Island..
    anyhow, you had better take pictures!

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