Hil-Bri Nov 2005

So, without further adieu…
Hil-Bri Nov 2005! What you’ve got below is a summary of Hilary and Brian’s visit, broken down into the days they were here for. For each day, there is a map of the location or locations we visited. For each map, there is a picture. Each picture is actually a link to a gallery from that day. Some galleries have more pictures than others. Key West has the most. All 186 pictures are captioned. Some days were skipped. Those would be the days where Hil and Bri were in Orlando while I was at work. Got that? Good 🙂 Let’s get to it 🙂

Day 0: Tampa/Longhorn

From the Tampa airport to Longhorn restaurant in Sarasota

Hilary looks up travel destinations while we eat dinner at Longhorn restaurant
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Day 1: Naples/Miami

From Sarasota to Naples

Walking down main street in Naples

From Naples to Miami/South Beach via the Everglades

The front of our hostel in South Beach
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Day 2: Miami/Key Largo

Wandering South Beach

From South Beach to Key Largo

Life vests aboard our snorkel boat in Key Largo

And back up to Fort Myers to spend the night
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Day 3: Fort Myers/Key West

From Fort Myers to Key West via the Key West Express catamaran

Touring Key West via bicycle
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Day 4: Busch Gardens

From Sarasota to just North of Tampa

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Day 8: My house

“This thing isn’t going to empty itself”
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Day 9: Mote/Tampa

From Sarasota to Mote Marine, up through the Keys and to the Tampa airport

Fishstick — eating lunch at the Salty Dog
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