How to get iTunes to stop asking for your password on boot

I had this problem, and I have to say thanks to Apple for making their discussion forum available. Found the answer in about 30 seconds with one search for “password” within the iTunes category. The question:

Since updating iTunes to version 7.2, I am prompted to enter my password everytime I start iTunes. Previously, iTunes would load and go directly to the Store page or my library. I don’t recall changing any settings. Is this a new security feature in 7.2? If not, how can I avoid having to enter my password everytime I open iTunes?

And the response:

Just so you know, I was having this issue as well but on my Macintosh. It happened after I upgraded to iTunes 7.2 and/or Purchasing music at the same time.
Give credit to echobucket in another thread on this topic for solving the login request when starting iTunes 7.2. I’ve cut and pasted the procedure below:
Navigate to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads in your user home folder. If your downloads are already complete there should be nothing in that folder. If you see something like “list.plist” move it out of that folder onto the desktop or into the trash.

Thanks to Santijim for the solution — which worked like a charm — and to Ed Hayden for asking the question 😀

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