3 thoughts on “Idiots Guide To the NHL Lockout”

  1. Game on

    Today I read a posting, Idiots Guide to the NHL Lockout, on ESPN.com by Bill Simmons. The story, while it does make some decent points, is overall a sham. He focuses the games rough nature and the fighting as…

  2. This guys is an idiot … guess that is what it takes to write these “idiot” guides. He does make some decent points regarding some of the rule changes … but he passes off the impression that hockey is about the fighting and that is an impression that pisses me off.
    Yes, there is fighting in hockey … you have highly charged, highly intense people playing a fast and emotional game … thus there will be fighting, there will be bumps and bruises … there will be rough nasty ugly hockey. But it comes with the game.
    The game itself is not based on that … it is a side effect. The rules, though some questionable, are indeed designed to help speed up the game. I hate the whole notion of needing more goals … think that is a “quick fix” and will make a single goal less valuable. I only look to soccer to show that goals are not required to interest fans … come on … 3 goals in a game is decent!!
    Man … think I am going to have to take this elsewhere

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