More Jon Stewart

Normally I’d make this part of a regular post, but this was too good to sit on. Remember how I wrote about Jon Stewart [wikipedia] a few days ago? Well, Friday he appeared on CNN’s Crossfire — a show which describes itself as “[examining] the political and social issues impacting the United States … [with] cutting edge debates focusing on daily news events” — and told them they were doing a lousy job. It ain’t pretty.

7 thoughts on “More Jon Stewart”

  1. jon stewart, bill maher, ariana huffington and ann coulter are the people I enjoy most watching on TV.
    The CBC had an interview with Ann Coulter last week and she just tore into Canadian politics. It would be easy to get offended by what she says… but I think she just gets a kick out of playing devil’s advocate…

  2. Alison, no kidding eh? He usually deadpans, but he sure didn’t this time around. It’s funny how they invited him on the show to “love him”. Haha. There’s a reason he doesn’t like the show. It’s the total lack of critical analysis.
    If you haven’t yet, you oughta read his article in Rolling Stone 960 (there’s a link to it in my first JS post).

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