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  1. Heee! Well, I’ve only listened to Sandra Collins and Josh Wink so far. I’d describe both as cutting edge in their respective genres, with Ms Collins’ being electro/trance and Mr Wink being straight house.
    The Sandra Collins CD sounds really good, with the exception being the first track on the first disc — which I’m still trying to like but failing. It sounds like someone @#$*@ing around on a crossfader without having the songs beatmatched. Plus it’s got a super-annoying vocal talking about some girl “who’s a whore/and she’s drunk”. Yay. But other than that, the compilation is solid, and with all the electro thrown in there, different than what I’m used to. 7.5/10.
    The Josh Wink disc is driving, swirling, four-on-the-floor house. There’s a solid pounding beat through both discs and well-placed hihats, silence, organs and 303s keep the flow going. Favorite tracks include Wink’s own “Higher State Of Consciousness (Eyes In The Circle Of Life Remix By Mathew Jonson)” [funky eastern sounds combined with a breakbeat backing and a killer 303 bassline], Jasper’s “Uncertain” [you’ll be amazed at what can be done with a marimba and good hihat] and of course John Tejada’s melodic, flitered, “Sucre”. Meaningless French vocals but it really doesn’t matter because it’s such a stomper. 8/10.
    Almost forgot to list off my favorites from the Collins comp: On the first disc: King Roc – “The Tip (Tom Neville Remix)” [great production and stabs], Pacjam – “Urban Minds” [fantastic bassline/oldschool production]. The Knife – “We Share Our Mother’s Health (Trentemoller Mix)” is very original sounding and sonically interesting, but the lyrics are a little grating – they sound whiny to me. On the second: C79 – “Silent Violence (Original Mix)” [I love how the hi-hats and percussion unfilter during the first minute and a half… also I think there’s a four-minute-long mix with the second track, which was a surprise and sounds pretty cool to boot]. The second disc is definitely the stronger of the two discs, with epic monsters like Gabriel & Dresden – “Closer (With Molly Bancroft)”, Marscruiser – “Not Alone Tonight Featuring Kendra Foster (Blake Jarrell Club Mix)”, and Silencer – “Drown In Me (Cicada Remix)”… I kind of wonder why some of these tracks weren’t on the first disc — the compilation is kind of lopsided in that way. But then, I understand the tracklist changed around a fair bit shortly before it shipped, so perhaps the programming got a bit muddled.
    In any case there’s a lot of solid tunes on both compilations, and I encourage anyone interested in cutting-edge dance to pick them up. 🙂

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