No post tonight

Too tired. But, coming soon, I swear. Recent news, in bullet form:

  • Sick all last week
  • Still busy at work
  • Cam’s coming out to Ultimate!
  • Louis and Tori came out to take pictures at Ultimate
  • Not using my Touch much these days, though I expect this to change once cases are available and I can find an FM transmitter for it
  • The whole iPhone bricking issue is very interesting to me, curious what the real reasons are behind Apple’s decision to make sim-unlocked phones useless — there’s a lot of talk out there but not a lot of information
  • Not taking as many pictures as I’d like to lately but still have a batch to post
  • Breaking news, new Ultimate league starting up in late November
  • I am drooling over the upcoming D300

Hmm. Okay. Maybe this qualifies as a post after all. 🙂

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