Palm Silo

2/7/2005, 11:19pm
Today’s picture was inspired by Jim, who discusses colour and contrast in his most-recent entry. This is from just in front of the leasing office. The yellow tint is from the sodium lights used around the apartment complex.
Dim sum on Sunday was excellent; apparently at this particular restaurant (T. C. Choy’s Asian Bistro, 301 S. Howard Avenue, Tampa), dim sum means “mostly shrimp prepared in various ways”. But I shouldn’t pooh-pooh, it was actually quite tasty. And they had sticky rice! I would have had no idea what it was, had Kai not shown it to me at one of Jeff’s BBQs a couple months before.
And my 2004 taxes are now filed — as in, completely gone — I did a 100% paperless e-file this time around, via Tax Act. This is the second year in a row that I’ve used them, and I gotta say, given how simple my tax situation is, it wasn’t really worth the $9.95 I paid. But, it certainly does a good job of hand-holding for someone who isn’t used to the tax system. I got hooked on them last year, because with it you can file for free (the catch is, with the free version, you have to print out and file by postal mail). Sadly, I owe a chunk of money again this; guess it’s time to file an updated Form W-4 with the boss.

3 thoughts on “Palm Silo”

  1. Who told you that about Dim Sum? It means small and delicated snacks! The only one I can remember that has shrimp in it is the shrimp dumpling. Most common ones are BBQ pork bum, pork dumpling, short ribs and chicken feet.

  2. I know… It’s just that at *this* particular restaurant, it seemed like they had quite a bit of shrimp dishes. Or maybe our table just got the shrimp cart a lot. 🙂 They also had BBQ pork bun, pork dumpling, pork-ginger dumpling, duck and roast eggplant, as well as a chopped-rib dish. And we talked about the chicken feet — though we didn’t see any.

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