Quivver – Space Manoeuvres Part 3 (Breaks Mix)

I would just like to say that this song, particularly this version of it, rocks my socks. I just *love* the Dark City quote (as spoken by Kiefer Sutherland):

First, there was darkness.
Then came the Strangers.
They were the race as old
as time itself.
They had mastered the ultimate technology–
the ability to alter
physical reality.
They called this ability

Great stuff. The atmosphere is dramatic, dark, and mystic. I’ve heard it dozens of times and it still gets me. I just heard it in part two of a Hybrid set (which you can download, all of which is pretty good). Here’s some commentary on this track from di.fm.
Review from discogs:

“…John [Graham, aka “Quivver”] creates a blissfully simple cut of tight drums and bubbling synths layered under the voice of Keifer Sutherland from the sci-fi flick “Dark City”. The flip however is the reason to own this release: the Breaks mix is a stand out piece of ethereal bliss. John manages to pull in elements that have a distinct edge to them, something you don’t hear every day. Great work that sets a bench mark for the rest of 2004.”

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