Social calendar

Well well well… here’s something I don’t post very often: a list of things I’m looking forward to. This list was actually started before the my blog took its unplanned vacation, so a couple of these things have already come and gone. Anyway, here we go:
Mar 25 – Hockey night in Fort Myers
Mar 26 – BAU Fundraiser in Tampa/Mankow Easter dinner
Mar 27 – Mankow breakfast
Apr 4 – St. Pete Ultimate Rock climbing social
Apr 9 – Fiesta in the Fort
Apr 16 – Manatee County Hat
Apr 22 – Earth Day
Apr 29 – Cam and Melissa’s due date; Hitchhiker’s Guide released (trailers: 2, 3)
May 3 – Release of “With Teeth” by NiN
May 9 – Sarah McLachlan at St Pete Times Forum
Jun 14 – 54*40 releases new album “Yes To Everything”
Aug 24 – my birthday
Aug 25 – Cam’s birthday
Oct 27 – Start of UPA Championships
Nov 16 – U2 at St Pete Times Forum
Dec 22 – Fly home for Christmas/New Year’s
And I’m sure this list will be added to over the next few weeks, but yeah! Lots coming up that I’m happy about. 🙂


  1. Well, I don’t have what I’m doing at Christmas planned out, yet, but yeah, I’ve got that time (two weeks) booked off at work 🙂

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