All Faiths 2007

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Team “Yellow Fever”, aka “Jaundice”, represent! Haha.
More photos here and here.

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Great weekend

So… by all accounts HPSN was a great success. I’m pretty happy 🙂
I had a pretty great weekend, too. After finishing off some work on an unrelated project on Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Cam and Melissa’s, where we binged on fantastic, handmade pierogis (perogi, perogy, piroghi, pirogi, or pyrohy) by Melissa. And, oh yeah, salad, bratwurst, chips & salsa and beer. Mmmm. Not the healthiest stuff in the world but hey it’s okay once and while, right? Went to the video store, picked out Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed — what a great film! The parts I was awake for, anyway. We started the film at 10:30 though so I think I have a good excuse 🙂 Stayed the night and slept in until noon (they have good curtains!), and enjoyed another round of pierogis and sunny-side up eggs… oh comfort food how I love thee.. watched an episode of Buffy, then went upstairs and helped assemble their new desk. Man. Why are the instructions on assemble-it-yourself furniture always so bad? Anyway, after some consternation it all came together, and it looks great! Got me thinking of buying some new furniture…
After that, got my things together and went out to Ultimate Frisbee for the first time in more than a month. That was great.. and I wasn’t as dead as I thought I was going to be. And apparrently Cam and Melissa hadn’t had enough of me, because I went right back there for dinner and enjoyed some great grilled chicken while we watched the Oscars. And I’m delighted to say The Departed won Best Picture, because I still have the rental for another three days… haha. Going to try and watch it again tonight if I have the time.
Anyway time to go to work, I’ll leave you with a few images from Ultimate last night. Have a good day!

Update on me

Hello readers.. how goes it? I have been keeping myself pretty busy over the past few days as you’ve doubtless guessed. We had pickup (all welcome) Ultimate Frisbee on Thursday, that was an unexpected surprise: 22 people showed up! That was nice, considering the week before attendance was around 13.
Friday, Cam, Melissa and I went over to Eric and Angela‘s for dinner, and met up with Greg, who came into town the night before to visit. We watched the first couple quarters of the Bucs-NYC Jets preseason game, before getting bored and switching to Making the Squad. In pre-season games, typically the first string plays in the first quarter, second in the second quarter, third in the third, etc. So usually things go downhill. That may be so, but at least the third string finally made the score higher than 3-3! The Bucs went on to win 16-3.
Saturday I spent a good portion of the morning and early afternoon at work, then a group of us went over to Darren‘s for a traditional night of NHL2006, frozen pizza and beer!! Yeah 🙂 Haha. I think I like the 2006 version, it was fun… now if only I could figure out a way to prevent my thumb from going numb. We of course also drank entirely too much. But hey it wouldn’t be tradition if we didn’t. 🙂
Sunday Cam and I got up early and went out to Lakewood Ranch Highschool for a game of early morning pickup Ultimate. There was just six of us, so there was a lot of running. Met Sean (Shawn/Shaun?) there, a high-school teacher and recent transplant to the area from the midwest. He’s got a good sense of humour and is a pretty good Ultimate player to boot 🙂 Gotta say though, playing under the 11am sun is draining; we played half court, and took shadow/water breaks every 20 mins or so and still only lasted about an hour and a half. We cooled off with a stop at 7-11 for slurpees… ahhh… so good. 🙂
The afternoon was spent in the apartment complex pool, where we played a game of “whip the ball across the pool in order to knock down their plastic beer steins” and I had fun playing with Joe. Melissa and Cam had Patricia and I over for dinner, grilled marinated chicken, tomato/mozarella salad and ice cream 🙂 Mmm.. We watched Liar Liar, which felt a little too much like a vehicle for Jim Carrey‘s physical comedy, because the plot was utterly simple: Lawyer can’t lie. Hilarity ensues. I preferred him in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There were some pretty funny outtakes at the end though.
Anyhow, expect updates this week to be on the light side, as I’ll likely be working some late nights, but I’ll try and get in at least one. 🙂

Cam, Melissa and family; Sarasota Pre-nats; Jeff and the Xbox 360

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new pictures, so I thought I’d give you, dearest loyal reader, a few.
There are three batches here. The first is from a couple weeks ago, when we got a visit from Melissa’s mom and daughter Alicia. We enjoyed dinner on the beach, and, generally, a wonderful time.
[picture: lido-thaidinneronthebeach.jpg]
[picture: lido-patricia.jpg]
[picture: lido-cam-joe.jpg]
[picture: lido-canyouseethedifference.jpg]
[picture: lido-sunset.jpg]
The second comes from last weekend from the first-annual local Ultimate tournament, Sarasota Pre-nats, held at the Sarasota Polo Grounds, the same place the UPA Club Championships are held in the fall.
[picture: prenats-bumper1.jpg]
America is the land of the bumper sticker (or was that free?), and Ultimate players make no exception. 🙂
[picture: prenats-bumper2.jpg]
[picture: prenats-bumper3.jpg]
[picture: prenats-bumper4.jpg]
[picture: prenats-bumper5.jpg]
[picture: prenats-bumper6.jpg]
Heh. Here are a few pictures from the tournament itself:
[picture: prenats-alec-capttom.jpg]
Alec and Capt Tom
[picture: prenats-ben.jpg]
Tournament director Ben Stone (in the hat)
[picture: prenats-grandstand.jpg]
Shot of the grandstand.
[picture: prenats-joe.jpg]
Joe tiptoes for a high throw
[picture: prenats-cathy.jpg]
UF championship boatracer Cathy throws a backhand to her Hungry Hungry Humans teammate
[picture: prenats-darren-sploosh.jpg]
Darren goes “sploosh”. There were probably a couple of inches of standing water on the fields on Saturday
[picture: prenats-jake-d.jpg]
Jake misses the defensive block but looks good doing it
[picture: prenats-ultimate-high.jpg]
View from the grandstand
I received a link to 199 pictures from Dan and Lori over at Space Coast Ultimate, one of the teams we played against that weekend. Thanks guys. If you hunt around, you might find a couple of me in there 🙂
And from the week before that, here’s a couple shots from hitting Jeff‘s place with Kemp, Mark and his girls. We were playing “Need for Speed Most Wanted” — these pictures really don’t do the Xbox 360 justice; the graphics were simply amazing.
[picture: xbox-needforspeed1.jpg]
[picture: xbox-needforspeed2.jpg]

All Faiths 2006

So once again I trundled up to St Pete for the annual All Faiths [Ultimate Frisbee] Hat tournament. “All Faiths” being the name of a local charity, and “Hat” referring to how the teams are drawn randomly from “hats”, each containing pools of equally skilled players. That is to say, players rank their skill level when they register, and the tournament organizer creates equally skilled teams composed of new and experienced players alike. It’s a great way to learn how to play the game, and meet some new faces in the process. Hat tournaments are the best part of Ultimate!
And this one was definitely one of the better ones I’ve been to. Not only were all the teams already made up when I arrived, thanks to online registration — all I had to do was fork over my $20 — but games started within minutes of their schedule time! Pretty amazing with 120 players, 8 teams and 5 skill levels to manage. There was a bit of a foulup with the shirt printing (they couldn’t get all the colours they wanted); as a result everyone ended up with two t-shirts, one coloured, representing their team, and the other a white shirt, with the tournament’s design. The design itself was quite something, taking one of the banned Danish cartoons, which I’m not going to link to here, and modifying it, replacing a sword with a disc, with the slogan “Frisbee Fanatic”. I’m still kind of surprised they did it. Is there such a thing as satire for Muslims?
Controversial shirt designs aside, the tournament was run beautifully. Games were to 11 points, or to a time cap, signaled by an air horn, at which point the current point gets finished, or, if between points, the next point gets played. If a team is up by one point at that point, then game over. Simple rules. Simple rules!
I can’t even remember team Navy’s record for the day. I think it was two and three; regardless, after our fourth game we were relegated to the beer bracket and took it easy after that. Perfect timing, since it happened to be exactly when Helen — recovering from laparoscopic surgery and hence not playing — arrived with the apple pie shooters. Ahhh. 🙂
After our final game we all headed back to disc central under the giant oaks and enjoyed BBQed brats and veggie dogs, an awesome bean salad, potato salad, complemented with great kettle-style potato chips and a keg of Heineken, which watching the two top teams duke it out in a 13-point final. Darren, Mike, Winton and Stephen Poulous were all playing on the White team. I don’t think I knew anyone on the opposing, Green team. I will say I need to take heckling lessons from Eric G, who was in top form that evening. 🙂
Earlier in the day, an old friend Lisa, who I knew from a former Savannah trip, spotted me on the field and got me to agree to be a “counter” for bat races (you might know them as spinning races): essentially you run from a starting line, reach your destination point, drink a beverage, rotate around a bat — one end of which is on your forehead, the other on the ground — ten times, and try to race back to your point of origin. The sprint back typically results in people falling over. The job of the counter is to let the crowd and the spinner know how many times he or she has spun. Lisa even had a special shirt made up just for the occasion. Leonard and I helped out. It was pretty special.
The game ended up being much closer than I thought it would be; Green had nice flow, and they had a girl who could catch anything. But it just wasn’t enough, and the straw hats and champagne went to the fine folks on White.
Hung out with Eric J and Sonia a bit afterwards, which was fun and something I need to do more often! Darren, it was good to have you for company on the way back too, always makes the drive shorter.
For some pictures, have a look at Josh Smith‘s excellent photos (see if you can spot me!). I have a few of my own to add to the mix too.. I’ll be adding them below when I get a moment.

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I am

So. Freaking. Burnt.
Bed now.

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In other news (gee, I’m saying that a lot this morning), I’m frustrated by the second 13-2 loss in two weeks by my Ultimate Frisbee team (we played a double-header last week). The problem can be chalked up to many things, but I think last night it was primarily a case turnovers resulting from bad throws, of which I had my share.

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We Win!, An Inconvenient Truth, Serenity/Equality Now

My Ultimate Frisbee team (aka “Butch’s Team”) won its first game of the season this past Thursday night, so I’m pretty happy about that. Yesterday’s 5pm pickup game at Lakewood Ranch got lightninged-out.
Work is busy. A new schedule has been set, so the heat is back on.
Friday night I saw An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, with Cam.
The film is a passionate call to action, for everyone — particularly Americans — to reduce their CO2 emissions. Skeptics say that with the 2008 election coming up, it’s an attempt to bolster Mr. Gore’s image. It may end up having that effect, but I don’t think that was the point. This Slate article says Gore currently has “no plans” to run for re-election. Of course that doesn’t rule it out, but if you see him in this film, his passion for the topic comes across and you genuinely believe that educating the public is what he wants to be doing.
I have one minor nitpick. The film implies a casuation between rising temperatures and increasing disease. But could it be that the reason we’re seeing an increase in disease is because it wasn’t until recently that human society started recognizing diseases?
Otherwise the film is excellent, plainly explaining the complex topic of global warming and its effects through a series of clear visuals and a discussion of findings. I had no idea Al Gore was such a good speaker.
Saturday I met up with Nkosi and saw Serenity as part of a international fan-organized effort to raise money for [Serenity writer/director] Joss Whedon’s favorite charity, Equality Now.

“Equality Now was founded in 1992 to work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world. Working with national human rights organizations and individual activists, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support their efforts to stop these human rights abuses.”

Lots of fun, a good cause and I discovered a restaurant-movie-theatre hybrid in Tampa I’m going to have to keep an eye on, the Tampa Pitcher Show. Plus I won a raffle prize! I am now the proud owner of a complete set of Serenity trading cards. Not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do with them. 🙂 Oh yeah, the reason Serenity fans chose this past weekend for the charity screenings? It was Joss’ birthday. Joss responds.
Today’s photo is brought to you by the letter “C”, as in gee-I-wish-I’d-turned-the-lights-on-before-racing-outside-to-see-the-fireworks.

Congratulations UFUCT!

The University of Florida Ultimate Club Team (UFUCT) won the open (men’s) college championship yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, in their first year qualifying since 1989. An excerpt from the writeup:

Never before in the College Championships have two such dominant teams faced off for the title, with Florida and Wisconsin coming in with a combined record of 96 wins and 3 losses (2 of which were due to playing each other).

Here’s a few writeups that chronicle the action leading up to the win:

Update: Here’s something cool I forgot to mention: I played with UFUCT’s co-captain, Tim Gehret, alllllll the way back in 2002. We were on the same team at a hat tournament, Fallout. In fact, it’s one of the first entries on this blog to have a photo, pre-dating the purchase of my digital camera. Neat!

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