This is kinda fun

Today, while perusing the webserver logs, I noticed my grande caramel frappuccino image was receiving about a hit per minute, and not from my blog, either. No, many, many people were not only using the photo I took, but stealing Davin’s bandwidth to do it.
What to do? Well, the only reasonable thing, of course: replace the image with something else. Between 2 and 5pm today, 45 unique websites came by and asked for my caramel frap, which I kindly returned to them… slightly modified. 🙂 See if you can spot it in the links after the jump. 😀

Please be forewarned that some of the pages, especially the myspace profiles, feature offensively poor grammar and/or colour schemes; they may also contain enough crap to lock up your browser:

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  1. how did you realise that your pictures were being appropriated by persons unknown?

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