1. Beautiful picture! Better start putting watermarks on your photos!

  2. Re watermarks, to tell you the truth I haven’t been too worried about these small ones (though maybe I should be). Cam suggested it might be worthwhile for the big ones, and I tend to agree.
    Davin: Thank you! Glad you like. 😀
    And, mom also sent me this email today that I thought some of you might appreciate:
    From: Nirmala Greenwell
    Date: August 31, 2005 9:58:35 PM EDT
    To: Krishen Greenwell
    Subject: crepuscular rays
    Hi Krish, I was quite impressed by that photo with the sunlight streaming through the clouds – coincidentally while looking at the weather report a couple days ago the weatherman mentioned the name of the phenomenon, apparently frequent nowadays – and so for your edification I thought i would pass it on to you:) 
    love mom

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