US Supreme Court: Filesharing services may be sued

I can’t really say I’m too surprised. The way some of these filesharing services operate, it’s clear they’re being two-faced. Their suggestion is that people use filesharing services for finding free music and government filings. Free music? Okay, maaaybe. Government filings? That’s just a dumb. At least claim people are using your product for something useful. Like, say, consumer price protection.
If the filesharing services DO end up getting sued, it’s going to be interesting to see how the RIAA/MPAA judge their losses. Although popular services such as the iTunes Music Store set a precident for the value of individual songs, just because someone downloads a song or movie off a filesharing service, doesn’t mean they’d actually be interested in purchasing it.


  1. Government filings, hahahaha. If the RIAA wants to help foster a culture where it is no longer cool to steal music, they have to at least give the impression that they are making a sincere effort to help the artists get paid, and not just using them to help garner public sympathy.

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