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Click to view the Nov 2004 Myakka Gallery
So I’m on vacation until next Monday! Woo! It’s been very relaxing so far (read: I’ve opened Rolling Stone 962 and actually read a few pages since I bought it last week), but very soon (read: Thursday afternoon) that’s all going to change. I’ll be in upstate New York, Ithaca, to be precise, visiting my childhood friend Dani, who is enrolled in the PhD Program in the Department of Government at Cornell, whose campus you might remember from that classic piece of cinema Road Trip. It’s going to be awesome. We’re hoping to do a day trip to the Big Apple while I’m up there. Anyone ever been?
In other news, I went to back to Myakka River State Park yesterday with Octávio (the significant other of one of our Portuguese interns). It’s been a while since I was last there, and though not much has changed since — it’s a natural park, after all — it was a lot of fun showing him around. Especially to the ‘gators. 😀 I’ve posted a new gallery with pictures from the outing in Davin’s newly upgraded gallery (which he kindly hosts for me, in addition to my blog).
That’s it for now!
Update, 3:24pm: By the way, if anyone has tried to instant message me since Friday night, I accidentally left myself logged into MSN and iChat at work, so I won’t have received your messages. That should be fixed later this evening. 🙂


  1. thanks jim 🙂 be sure to check out the gallery (now linked to from the entry’s image) — there’s a few other neat ones in there too.

  2. Different is good

    So … its Thanksgiving week down here. Little late by my calendar, but hey … Turkey can come at any time. It is also a much more important holiday for the Americans, focusing more on the pioneers. Where as…

  3. The “bamboo” you mentioned in the gallery looks like Cogan grass in the picture – though I can not say for sure. The grass is a non-native species to the area and something the park is constantly trying to remove … the fun job assigned to the volunteers 🙂

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