Weekend Mashup

Woke up this morning thinking it was Monday. Really! Working late has really thrown off my body clock. Either that, or I haven’t become used to the fact that I’m not working on Saturday…. heh.
Yesterday was good fun, starting off with a video conference with Sarah using the public beta-test of iChatAV. On our first try some sort of glitch caused choppy, compression-laden video without audio (guess that’s why it’s still beta). But on our second attempt, the video was crystal clear and so was the audio. It was a total thrill to be able to talk to my screen and see it respond. Straight out of sci-fi! We maintained a solid 15 frames-per-second for about a 1/2 hour or so, especially great considering we were both only on some sort of residential broadband, and she was all the way over in California. I need a longer Firewire cable between my iSight and my computer though. Three and a half feet just doesn’t cut it!
Of course, the technology isn’t without flaw. When Sarah rang I had just rolled out of bed — I called her back after I’d showered and dressed. 😉
After picking up a monitor from Jeff and paying the registration fee for the fall season of my favorite sport:
[picture: premium ultimate]
…Cam and I headed down to Starbucks, where we whiled away the afternoon people watching and discussing life, technology and people-watched. Hypothesis: Starbucks chairs were designed to show off thong underwear.
My drink:
[picture: grande caramel frappucino]
Later on that night, we met up with Ron and Kemp at the Paddywagon.
[picture: myself, ron, kemp and cam]
Not such a great place if you like personal space — the joint was rammed — but full of good looking people looking to have some fun. Danny was tending bar.
[picture: danny tending bar]
Danny at the bar. Can you see the Labatt Blue beer tap?
Ran into Scotty too! Both he and Danny are fellow disc enthusiasts. On a side note — I just found “The beautiful game” — an article in Scotland’s weekly paper which has nice overview of Ultimate from an outsider’s perspective and talks about what it’s like to attend an international beach tournament in Italy. Check it out!
Anyways, I’m off to chase around a few frisbees — have an excellent evening! 🙂


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