Timeo for Bed

[picture: to bed]
To bed
[picture: get up]
To rise
Suffice to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. My short review of mista Maas, since it’s quite late: Timo was excellent; the crowd, so-so. I have theories on this. But they’ll have to wait. I’m off to sleep, with luck. Dream well!


Timo for the Maases

[picture: glasswaxtable]
In just 10 short minutes I’ll be heading up to Apple Store International Plaza with Cam and Jeff to check out a JBL Creature, then up to Orlando to eat dinner in Downtown Disney and see Timo Maas! Woo! It’s gonna be one late (and great) night. Wish me a safe trip!
Hope the rest of your weekend is splendid. 😀

Ludicrous Speed

[picture: sweet sweet machine]
Cam sets up our new test machine
That thar is a brand new, dual-processor, 2 GHz, 64-bit Power Mac G5.
Friday, as an impromptu load test, we launched (and finished launching) all the bundled apps on the computer — 24 applications — in about three seconds.
Honestly, now, after having used one, the ad really doesn’t seem that far off.
Have I mentioned this thing is fast?

Release done!

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Coming home from work exhausted hasn’t left me much time. 12.5 hours today, but oh, what a day! The… release… is… finally… done!
More tomorrow — I just wanted to keep you up-to-date. I am soo happy!

On Football

[picture: siesta sunset]
Well, if there’s anything I know for sure about myself, it’s that I’m social by nature. Given this is Florida, that means I need to know something about football. Given two cars selected at random from this city, at least one will have Tampa Bay Bucaneers merchandise attached to it.
Get this: I have nearly doubled my knowledge about football in the past two weeks. Granted, I still know close to nothing about it, but when was the last time you doubled your knowledge? I do know there’s a quarterback, fullback, halfback, guard, offensive tackle, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and a few other positions, though I could only tell you for sure if half of those are offense or defense.
So when it came to playing Football Bingo with Eric and Boe at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar on Monday night, it worked something like this: Eric and Boe called out the plays while I blotted the board, called out “Bingo”, and collected.
[picture: skob football shirt + doodads]
Now, granted, I’ll probably never wear the shirt — it’s much too large for me. But the Bucs keychain is kinda nice. And if you look closely, to the left of the keychain is a little triangular piece of white leather. Eric assures me it’s great for kicking imaginary field goals with. Whee!!!

Beach disc

[picture: taking off]
An ultralight (?) gets ready to take off beside me at Siesta Beach. Looks like a ton of fun! The guy on the ground has a walkie-talkie to speak with the guy in the air.
Anyway, here’s some pics from the beach ultimate game! If this many people show up again next week we may have the beginnings of something great!
[picture: angi and karen]
Angi (white shirt) and Karen. Karen zips a backhand down the field past Angi. Angi’s first game!
[picture: shawnericrusty.jpg]
Rusty (red shorts) attempts to block Eric. Eric has just thrown a “swing” pass to Shawn. A swing pass is when you throw the disc sideways, instead of down the field toward the end zone. Useful when you’re running out of time to throw (you have ten seconds, which your defender calls out as he starts guarding you).
[picture: endzone crazyness]
A big ‘ol clusterfcuk near the endzone!! I’ve superimposed lines on the pic to help make the endzone a little clearer. The sideline is the black line; the large red line is the front of the endzone, the smaller red line is the back. The teams are shirts vs. non-shirted (and Karen). Eric (center of the short, white shirt) has the disc. The idea here is that he’s trying to throw it to to a teammate in the end-zone. Well, there’s Angi, who you can see just between Eric and Rusty’s head. But she’s not very open! Shortly after this shot was taken, however, Shawn (yellow visor) faked running right and zipped over to Eric’s left at the last moment to receive the pass. Point!!
[picture: beach ulti, gettin dark!]
We ended up playing until sunset! Good times were had by all! Well, all, unless my upper lip gets a say, in which case, good times were had by all except for my upper lip, which I’m certain didn’t appreciate getting busted a second time in as many days. Ack!


[picture: *$ umbrolly]
Well I’m back from Ultimate. I now have in my possession one more fat lip than before I left.
A blocked pass bounced out of a defender’s hand and *bam* smacked right into my upper lip. I don’t really like reading about this sort of thing, so I shall not subject you to it, but suffice to say while it’s still fat, it looks a whole lot better now than it did when it happened 3 hours ago. Hooray for the amazing self-repairing human body!
Today picture is actually from yesterday’s trip. It’s a little blurry, but it tells a story. It was windy at the time, and because it was starting to rain, I was trying to take the picture very quickly so as not to get my lens wet, so my hands weren’t quite as steady as they could have been. Either that — or excessive amounts of caffeine I was consuming — are to blame. Your pick. 🙂

Weekend Mashup

Woke up this morning thinking it was Monday. Really! Working late has really thrown off my body clock. Either that, or I haven’t become used to the fact that I’m not working on Saturday…. heh.
Yesterday was good fun, starting off with a video conference with Sarah using the public beta-test of iChatAV. On our first try some sort of glitch caused choppy, compression-laden video without audio (guess that’s why it’s still beta). But on our second attempt, the video was crystal clear and so was the audio. It was a total thrill to be able to talk to my screen and see it respond. Straight out of sci-fi! We maintained a solid 15 frames-per-second for about a 1/2 hour or so, especially great considering we were both only on some sort of residential broadband, and she was all the way over in California. I need a longer Firewire cable between my iSight and my computer though. Three and a half feet just doesn’t cut it!
Of course, the technology isn’t without flaw. When Sarah rang I had just rolled out of bed — I called her back after I’d showered and dressed. 😉
After picking up a monitor from Jeff and paying the registration fee for the fall season of my favorite sport:
[picture: premium ultimate]
…Cam and I headed down to Starbucks, where we whiled away the afternoon people watching and discussing life, technology and people-watched. Hypothesis: Starbucks chairs were designed to show off thong underwear.
My drink:
[picture: grande caramel frappucino]
Later on that night, we met up with Ron and Kemp at the Paddywagon.
[picture: myself, ron, kemp and cam]
Not such a great place if you like personal space — the joint was rammed — but full of good looking people looking to have some fun. Danny was tending bar.
[picture: danny tending bar]
Danny at the bar. Can you see the Labatt Blue beer tap?
Ran into Scotty too! Both he and Danny are fellow disc enthusiasts. On a side note — I just found “The beautiful game” — an article in Scotland’s weekly paper which has nice overview of Ultimate from an outsider’s perspective and talks about what it’s like to attend an international beach tournament in Italy. Check it out!
Anyways, I’m off to chase around a few frisbees — have an excellent evening! 🙂

Release time

Cam, Jeff and I had a review last night with management which lasted until 8pm…. whew! Long, but productive at least. I’d like to state for the record this is the first time work has cause me to miss Ultimate. Hopefully it won’t happen again soon. I need my disc!
After work we went to “The Cock and Bull”, a little pub down the road where they sell every type of beer you can imagine. I had a chalice of Gulden Draak — weighing in at 10.5%, one did the trick quite nicely. 🙂
In other news, I just got back from lunch at Don Pablos! Yummy chicken quesadillas, but the service was sloooooooooow. What’d you have for lunch?

Twilight Zone

[picture: sandy feet underwater!]
Wow… I’m seriously losing track of time. Got home at 8pm tonight, I thought it was Tuesday. All the days are blending into each other. Can’t be good.
Left work at 8pm yesterday, ate dinner. Hit the pool with Cam at about 10:30… we didn’t leave until 2am! Think we’re both a little stressed about this release that’s going on right now (or in Cam’s case, the two releases) — so we take the time to relax — even if it means we lose sleep.
Hopefully it will all show through in the quality of our products. We’ve been testing for the past week or so, and — fingers crossed — things don’t look half bad! Yeah! 🙂