Charley, housewarmings, and Garden State

So the weekend was much fun. Three things.
The first is about what Hurricane Charley foisted upon Port Charlotte and the surrounding area. The second is about my Saturday night housewarming. The third is about Garden State, a movie I saw on Sunday.
Charley. Boy, it really hit Port Charlotte hard. I went with Cam, Melissa, Ron and a handful of others to help Elba (another coworker) clean up her yard. She was luckier than her neighbour (whose roof came apart). Elba only had a tree fall on her house. And her boat.
Driving into the area gave me the feeling of those shots some of you might have seen a few months back about driving through the remains of Chernobyl. First, I saw a few branches on the ground. Then, bent trees. Then street signs bent over. Then an upside-down tool shed (on the tip of its A-frame). Then blown-out billboards, with their signs dangling towards the ground. Then gas stations without numbers for gas prices. Or fluorescent bulbs for that matter. Finally there were buildings you could see right through. Cam’s got pictures up (look for the “catalog” link at the end of his entry).
On the positive side, there were power trucks everywhere I looked, so hopefully people there will be getting their power back soon. I know Elba didn’t have it when we got there.
That night I had my housewarming/Greg’s going-away party. The house was indeed warmed. Note for next time: don’t leave the TV on, it will become the focal point of the room (especially if the Olympics are on). Much fun, think it went quite well, very relaxing.
Sunday I went to see the movie Garden State, which I very much enjoyed. I’d describe it as a complicated, 20-something coming-of-age story. Folks in their 20s and 30s will get much fun out of this film — there are loads of pop culture references going on. It stars Zach Braff (of TV’s “Scrubs”), who also wrote and directed the movie. The soundtrack is great too, including Frou Frou‘s track “Let Go”. (Frou Frou is amazing by the way, but that’s another post).
Update, 12:08pm: Zach Braff has a blog! Nifty. (via NSLog)

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