Fixin the Altima

[picture: sunset at siesta key]
Typically, the pictures posted on my blog are recent: you’ll see them up here within a day or two from when they were taken. However, I haven’t gone photohunting lately, so today’s image comes to you from all the way back to mid-May.
Mom and Dad did the “Which Movie do You Belong In” test tonight over iChatAV. Mom got Tarzan, Dad got the Power Rangers movie. Hee hee! (Incidentally they accused me of swearing a lot on my blog. Does that make any fcuking sense to you? I mean WTF!?)
For lunch today, I ordered one overhead light lense, two sun visors and one wheel cover. It wasn’t very tasty! Should make my car a little nicer to ride in though.
So I explained to the guy at the Gettel Nissan parts department that I needed new hubcab. “Okay,” he said, “I think we might even have one in stock. Just show me which car is yours so I can confirm I’ve got the right kind.” And I did. And he came back to his catalog. Looked through it for about 10 minutes, flip flip flip. Nothing. Finally he got a screw driver and popped off one of my three wheel covers so he could get at the model number. Turns out they’re 240SX wheel covers! Hahah…. so I’ve now got a 240SX wheel cover on special-order. $31. Not bad — a replacement for a single Altima-style wheel cover is 52!
Altogether, a $119 day. I needed most of this stuff when I bought the car a year ago. Item left on my relatively immediate to-do list: fix the driver’s side lock. Every time I use the car, I’ve got unlock the passenger side door, get in, reach across and unlock the driver’s side, back out of the passenger side of the car and walk back around. The whole procedure is starting to get a little “long in the tooth”, if that’s the expression. I’m on a roll now (Rush fans: or is it a slide) — I think I’m going to see how much it will cost to get fixed some time in the next week or so! Woot.


3 responses to “Fixin the Altima”

  1. Geez … with the amount your spending you should shell-out for the extras: lower the car, extend your wheels, add a GIGANTIC spoiler, a throw in a dual exhaust system … then you will fit in just right down here.
    [must say … that driver side door thing would be nice]

  2. I must take this opportunity to thank Cameron for being my lock slave on numerous occasions! Thanks, Cam! 😀

  3. #1- Dude, get some real wheels. Hubcaps suck.
    #2- get an alarm with power door lock actuators. Gotta love ’em.
    #3- you can get most of the stuf you bought cheaper at a pick’n’pull.
    #4 – smack me for being so arrogant
    #5 – tell me to fuck off cause I never do any of that nice stuff to my own car.