Ultimate practice (or shall I say “pickup”?) was good tonight — cut it a half-hour short to watch Calgary-Tampa Game 1. I predicted Calgary would win 4-3; they ended up handily taking it 4-1, so I was half right! 😀
Oh to be in Calgary right now (17th street in particular). Seriously though, it’s almost like the C on the Flames jersey stands for Canada, what with it being 10-ish years since a Canadian team last made it to the cup finals. The ESPN commentator tonight even said there were Oilers fans cheering on Calgary. Crazy.
Got in a massive fight with a (code) bug today. I thought I had quashed it, but it reared its big ugly head just when I went to demo my fix to Cam at 2pm. Spent the rest of the day trying to isolate the problem, didn’t have it working by the end of the day. Guh. Tomorrow!
How was every-yalls Tuesday?


  1. What’s wrong with the game?

    Melissa’s trip to Butchart Gardens, Victoria So … after a day at work I joined Melissa, Krishen, Greg, Eric over at Darren’s to watch game 1 … and what a game it was. Calgary managed a 4-1 win, but…

  2. Quite excellent actually, I bicycled all the way downtown on the red bike, and rode back to the lansdowne/camosun area for some (non-ultimate) pickup frisbee with some peoples.
    Upon finishing, biked back here and typed this. =)

  3. Ah, very good! I just got back from work myself. Long — with a big capital L — day. Ah well, should save me some time tomorrow, so I’m happy (means I won’t be at work when I should be watching the hockey game :).

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