Hi-res Garbage

Well, it would appear my fears were unfounded after all. It didn’t happen right away (and I haven’t left Columbus yet, so my fingers are crossed) but it looks like things are going to turn out just fine.
In other news, I saw Garbage on Monday! And thus fulfilled a desire to see them live, ever since I bought Version 2.0 seven years ago. Shirley Manson ran the show. I’d expect nothing less, of course. I gotta say, at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back into the Garbage headspace — it’s not the easiest place to be… but the way they came on stage, with the lights off and Johnny Cash’s incredible cover of Hurt playing, whoa man. It all came rushing back, it was so perfect.

The show was awesome, but it was a bit surprising, in that for a tour which was supposed to be about their new album, Bleed Like Me, they played a high percentage of classics (including, among others, “Queer”, “When I grow up”, “Hammering in My Head”, “Push it”, and “Only Happy When it Rains”.)
And, well, the more I think about it, the more I can’t help but think there might be some credence to this review, which suggests this might be the group’s last tour together. That would make me sad 🙁
<time passes>
Okay, enough with the sad, after searching around for a bit, I found this interview with Garbage drummer Butch Vig about the new album, and their breakup in 2003 which I didn’t even know about.. I figure if they broke up so recently and are back together touring, that makes the odds of their breaking up now quite a bit lower. Not to mention that their latest CD is their best-debuting album ever.

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  1. “There’s only a few songs that we ended up playing live and that kind of stuck in our heads that if you can’t play it in front of an audience than maybe it shouldn’t be on a record. We wanted to make Bleed Like Me more like what we do when we are on stage.”
    Hmm, subtle intention to keep on playing live? Why else say that then? 😉

  2. Yes, there are also the less subtle hints they’re going to stick together, too 🙂 That last article I linked to also has some bits on how Garbage doesn’t actually have much say over what songs become singles. Interesting stuff 🙂

  3. seems like there’s a resurgence of bands from the 90s
    soon you’ll be seeing Veruca Salt, Republica and even Self touring again…
    Saw weezer the other week. Thankfully they stuck more to the Blue Album and Pinkerton, by far my favorite two albums of the 90s. Not counting Oakenfold’s Resident @ Cream

  4. Ha… I just heard the lyrics “God-damn those half-Japanese girls” on the radio station CD101 (see this post for more info)… and I had to look it up. Lo-and-behold it was “El Scorcho” from Weezer’s album Pinkerton. 🙂

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