Neil’s Birthday & Essence of You

Candice, Lisa, and Darren, out for a bite Thursday night, after the first Ultimate game of the summer league.
Happy 20th birthday Neil! It’s all downhill from here. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wow, the response to the Essence Of playlists was more than I was expecting! Thanks to everyone who took part; I have submissions from seven different people (not including me). Most of the playlists are tidied up and ready to post. The only one I’m missing is Jeff’s, which is sitting on my computer at work. It’s kind of important, since it was his playlist which inspired the challenge in the first place. (Incidentally Jeff you need to get a blog).
A prize? How’s a petrified shark’s tooth sound? I’ll be doing the draw some time during the evening, so you’ll want to check back then.
Damn it’s been a long day. We’re going into end-game mode at work — put in six hours today along with most of the rest of the engineering team. Days like these can be fun, but as Cam mentions, it really helps when you’ve got a goal you’re trying to accomplish. I managed to meet mine, so I’m pretty happy about how all that went.
Hit the beach around three with Cam, Melissa, Kai, Darren and his two friends down from Ontario to visit — Lisa and Candice. Good times were had (both in and out of the water), and afterwards hit the Dacquiri Deck for some grub.
And then it was over to Darren’s to hang out. We ended up watching Spaceballs. Man, it had been a few years since I last saw it, but I don’t remember it being that funny before. Funny what a little time can do.






2 responses to “Neil’s Birthday & Essence of You”

  1. neil Avatar

    funny * time = more funny
    thanks Krishen — it’s good to know that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. krishen Avatar

    Anytime… I hope you know I’m kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

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