[picture: my porch table after a rainstorm]
My porch table after a downpour at lunchtime today.
It’s Friday and I’m dead exhausted. It’s been an unusual day at work. Unfortunately not one I can talk about here (but then again, what’s new).
I can tell you that the song I’m listening to, Max Graham’s “Love The Bomb (original 99 mix)” is doing a fantastic job of lifting me out of this terrible funk I’m in. Max made it — along with lots of other good stuff — available for free on his website. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. heheh… yup! inherited from a coworker when he left for winnepeg to do his masters, still haven’t used it!

  2. If only Max made this _unreleased_ piece of music available at a higher bitrate! 🙂
    After all, what’s a few more megabytes between friends?

  3. is it supposed to be unreleased? what does that mean anyway? as in, no label owns it?
    sue, thanks for the advice, next time i want to wax my car i’ll hunt ’em down 🙂

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