The kite

[picture:  kite on Siesta Key beach]
Cam (10:25:25 PM): so … how was your Sunday
(10:25:46 PM)pretty good! updated the blog
(10:25:49 PM):)
Cam (10:26:00 PM): cool šŸ™‚ … Let me go check it out
(10:26:04 PM)k
Cam (10:28:42 PM): Kite picture not turn out ?
(10:29:23 PM)heh….it did, just didn’t get around to posting it
(10:29:26 PM)maybe i’ll do that now
Cam (10:29:55 PM): Melissa was asking where it was šŸ™‚
Cam (10:30:05 PM): apparently she is desperate
(10:30:08 PM)bootin up the iPhoto
(10:30:16 PM)in what sense? šŸ™‚
Cam (10:30:32 PM): to see the picture of course šŸ™‚

5 replies on “The kite”

Hmm. Somebody better get their kite back!!!
Try knocking it down with a frisbee šŸ˜‰

heh… nice idea. actually, it was one of those two-handed kites — the owner was fully in control of it. very cool to watch!

i LOVE that picture. i’d like to have a high-res copy so i can get an enlargement, frame it, and hang it in my house. would that be possible krishen? maybe we can do a photo exchange, and i’ll send you a pic of mine that you like.

davin, thanks! julie, i’m totally flattered! i’d love to do a photo exchange thing with you. šŸ™‚ i’ll email you the pic.

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