Work, Savannah

[picture: contrails in the sunset]
Loooong day at work yesterday. Walked in at 8:05am, 12:45pm lunch with my supervisor and co-workers, 1:45pm back to work. Left at 11:30pm. No dinner. Jeff stayed late to help me out, which was unnecessary but highly appreciated. I was Cam‘s ride today, so he was involuntarily my captive. He said he got lots of productive work done, though, so I’m planning on believing him. >:)
My ride to Savannah, Georgia for the Ultimate hat-tournament this weekend disappeared late Tuesday night, so between compiles I sent grovelly emails to fellow Tampa-Bay area Ultimate players in a mad attempt to carpool. Savannah is a six-hour drive from here according to MapQuest (though I’ve been told it takes a little longer in practice), so, worst comes to worst, the Altima could probably make it the trip. Got a few leads on a ride, though, so hopefully it won’t come down to it. 😀


  1. had a pretty big lunch and we were making good progress on the problem at hand so i was excited and kinda missed dinner. 🙂

  2. Dear god. You must really hate your car.
    Sounds like it performs half as well as a rock. And not the goody-goody-strong-man Chevrolet kind of rock, which apparently has wheels.

  3. nah, it’s not so much a matter of hate as it is a matter of trust. i don’t think i trust it being on the road for 12 hours over three days in a place I’ve never been, that’s all.
    and how dare you compare it to a chevy? this is a nissan, baby.

  4. Um hon? Why wouldn’t you trust it on the road for 12 hours?
    It’s actually easier for a car to be running for 12 hours on the highway than it is to be in stop and go traffic for 1 hour.
    Trust me, for I am the Sue-Ru of cars. 😉

  5. bahaha…. sue, yer funny. i don’t doubt 12 hours of highway would is easier than 1 of stop-and-go.
    let’s just say that I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with my car. under my current driving habits it will take 21 days to log 12 hours behind the wheel.

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