Hurricane Jeanne; Computer fixed; Ulti Championship Pics; Dodsworth; Jacoby Colliseum

Remember how I said it looked like I was in the clear as far as hurricanes went? Well Hurricane Jeanne had another idea.
Here’s are two tracks of Jeanne, separated by 24 hrs:

Jeanne’s estimated path as of Friday, 5am EST. Source: NOAA

Jeanne’s estimated path as of Saturday, 5am EST. Source: NOAA
As you can see, today’s estimate places Jeanne’s predicted path further inland on the Florida peninsula. Fingers crossed that trend doesn’t continue.
I’ll keep you posted on what local conditions are like (you can stay up-to-date on the storm’s location by visiting the US National Hurricane Center and looking at the tracking chart for Jeanne); current estimates say I should expect tropical storm-force winds by Sunday afternoon. Right now it’s overcast and windy, no rain in sight.
In other news, my video problems are solved, thanks to this ‘lil puppy:

Turns out my GeForce2 MX had died after all. All I can say is “wow” — it’s amazing how much my day-to-day operations have sped up. Exposé is soo much faster. Thanks in large part go to Quartz Extreme, which offloads processor intensive graphics activities to the process on my video card.
On Thursday night my Ultimate team, UPS, beat the Wombats to advance the finals, where we got trounced by the Hungry Hungry Humans 8-13. It was great time though, a hard-fought and well-spirited game. Cam‘s cleats blew out:

Click the duct tape for more pics!
My new reading material arrived from the Venice library Wednesday. This should be interesting.. I haven’t read a novel in a while. šŸ™‚

Tonight, it’s over to the Jacoby Colliseum for a big-ol NHL 2005 tournament. Got some practice in last night over at Cam’s with Darren. I’ve got passing down pat. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a puck past the goalie šŸ™‚
Hope you’re all having a great weekend — it’s been fun here so far.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Jeanne; Computer fixed; Ulti Championship Pics; Dodsworth; Jacoby Colliseum”

  1. yeah it’s pretty amazing how much the radeon 9000 will speed things up! things are zippy ovre here in dual monitor land.

  2. speaking of dual monitors… i read that the 9000 had a DVI output, but I failed to read that it included a DVI->VGA adapter, so I bought one of those at the same time, only to discover one in the box. Guh!! So now I have two. If anyone needs such a device let me know.

  3. Windy weather ahead

    Well its already blowing … we are expecting to loose power sometime this evening. While the 3rd time might not be the charm … looks like #4 will be. Jeanne, our fourth major hurricane this season, has decided to come…

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