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Well, just got back from the NHL2005 party at Jeff’s — it was a ton of fun. Got my butt whooped, but it was still fun.. because technically speaking, getting beaten 4-0 by Jeff represented an improvement (don’t ask). Cam says he’s going to show me all the secrets tomorrow. Watch out Jeff!!
Anyhow, the lights were starting to get shaky on the way home from Jeff’s, and you could see the clouds moving in the counter-clockwise direction that’s characteristic of hurricane winds. I’m almost kind of surprised that the power didn’t go out at all while I was out (the microwave still has the right time). I expect it probably will soon. Jeanne has the potential to be the strongest hurricane this area has seen yet.
Here’s a couple more tracker pics. The first one is from 11am this morning, the second at 11pm this evening (2.5 hrs ago):

Jeanne, 11am Sat morning. Source: NOAA

Jeanne, 11pm Sat evening. Source: NOAA
Guess it’s time to clear out the valuables from the livingroom again. And put away the computer too. If I’m reading those tracks correctly I’ll be fully involved around 8am EST Sunday. Certainly one way to wake up.
By the way, if I don’t answer the phone tomorrow, don’t freak — I might be over at Cam and Melissa’s (family members will be getting an email with their number shortly).

4 thoughts on “Jeanne update”

  1. Windy weather ahead

    Well its already blowing … we are expecting to loose power sometime this evening. While the 3rd time might not be the charm … looks like #4 will be. Jeanne, our fourth major hurricane this season, has decided to come…

  2. Heh. Well I made it through unscathed, though I can’t say the same for some of the stuff around here.. I’ll be posting a gallery of it all later on tonight.

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